CORI K-Base Contract Research Expands

In one of my previous posts I mentioned  Cori K-Base, the resource for free contract forms and research sponsored by the University of Missouri.  I just received an e-mail from them informing me that they have made some major improvements:

"First, we have partnered with QL2 Software, Inc., to enhance our ability to acquire and incorporate contracts from EDGAR and other on-line sources. Expect an explosion in the number of documents you will be able to access using our full-text search functionality! The new system will also increase the utility of Company Name searches to include all contract parties, not just the filing company’€™s name.

Second, we have created an opportunity for individual firms or for groups of firms and trade associations to maintain secured, on-line collections and archives for their firm’€™s or association members’ exclusive use. Participating members can search and retrieve contracts exclusively within their private collection or expand their search to include the public collection in order to compare private and public documents. This is an excellent opportunity for smaller companies to create a central, electronic repository of their contract agreements, or for groups of firms and trade associations to add value to their group members by creating a pool of contract resources unique to their group’s members. As an additional value added, CORI can conduct periodic analysis of contract forms and identify trends in new contract designs and prepare white papers reports those results to group members. For more information on how CORI can provide a solution for your organization, please contact us!

These are exciting milestones in the development of the CORI K-Base.  But we need your assistance to keep the K-Base available and to support continued improvements.  Please consider a tax-deductible, year-end donation to support CORI’€™s continued efforts to reduce the transaction costs of contracting and of doing research on contracts. You can even give online through the University of Missouri’s online donation! s site:*  For more ideas on how you can support CORI, see the Support CORI page on our website.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to a new year of working with you to make CORI your first destination when researching contracts."

I think this is a great service.  If you have the money to spent, why not donate some towards the greater good of contract research.