New York LLC Formation

Let us help you with  your New York LLC Formation!  Call us to discuss your legal concerns and any other questions you may have about the process of forming a New York Limited Liability Company.  We are not a paralegal service where you don’t get to speak to a real New York attorney.  We are … Read More

How much does it cost to register an LLC in NY?

Excluding any service fees paid to an attorney (see here for my very reasonable package), the approximate* costs are as follows: New York County (aka Manhattan): $1560 Kings County: $960 Nassau County:  $960 Richmond County:  $1010 Westchester County: $710 Bronx County:  $1360   *approximate, because the total amount depends on the cost of publication which … Read More

S Corporations and New York City

…do not make a match formed in heaven.  New York City does not recognize s-corporations and makes all s corporations liable for its General Corporation Tax to the tune of 8.85%.  Thus, in NYC, an LLC is often the better and more tax friendly alternative for new business owners.  If it weren’t for the costly publication … Read More

Starting a Nonprofit Organization in New York

Nonprofits are businesses that made it their mission to give away all of their profits to a particular cause, rather than enrich the owners of the business.  Starting a nonprofit organization is in many ways like starting any other small business in New York.  But there are additional steps required in order to get the … Read More