Sole Proprietorship or Single Member LLC?

When you are a one-person business, i.e. you are to be the only owner of your business, the question invariably arises:  Should I remain a sole proprietorship or form a single-member LLC? You are a sole proprietorship, as soon as you begin doing business.  There is no filing, no certificate, not even an EIN is … Read More

licenses for online business

What licenses do I need to start an Online Business?

An online business is no different from any other business when it comes to licenses and permits.  Depending on the type of business you conduct, online or offline, you may need certain permits and licenses from three different authorities: the Federal Government, your State Government or your local authorities. Federal Permits and Licenses Federal Government … Read More

Taking Care of the LLC Publication Requirement

How to take care of your LLC publication Setting up a limited liability company in New York requires you to jump through one additional hoop: Publication of a notice of the LLC formation in two newspapers (See Section 206 of the Limited Liability Company Law for exact legal requirements).  Unfortunately, this adds up to $1300 … Read More

NY Assumed Name Certificates – Know Your “Doing Business As” Responsibilities

Doing Business As

D.B.A. or “Doing Business As” is not only a cool bar in the East Village, it also refers to individuals (sole proprietorships), partnerships, corporations and other entities that do  business under a name different from their real name.  For example, Joe Smith operates a computer service business under the name “Computer Geeks to the Rescue,” (fictional example) and Town Sports International, LLC operates a popular gym under the name “New York Sports Club” (real life example.)

If you are starting a business, but don’t want to form a legal entity yet (corporation or LLC), a business certificate gives you the ability to call your business something other than your personal name.

When you do business under a name different from your real name, you have to file a business certificate either with the county clerk of your county or with the Secretary of State in Albany.     Here are the rules:

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LLC v. S-corp

The first question for every small business owner who decided to form an entity?  LLC or S corp?  Which one is better for me? Let’s face it, most people would chose the entity that leaves more money in their pocket.  So let’s compare the tax costs and startup costs of these two entities.  This assumes that the … Read More

Small Business Partnerships -Protecting your Minority Stake

You do not have to rely on the goodness of human kind alone, when going into business with other people.  There are legal (agreements) and practical measures (business common sense)  that you can take to make sure that your business investment in a limited liability company, corporation or other entity does not fall prey to … Read More

New York LLC Formation

Let us help you with  your New York LLC Formation!  Call us to discuss your legal concerns and any other questions you may have about the process of forming a New York Limited Liability Company.  We are not a paralegal service where you don’t get to speak to a real New York attorney.  We are … Read More