Court grants Motion to Dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction where MCA Company relied on a contractual method of service but failed to authenticate such contract

Here is another recent case where an MCA company failed: Wynwood Capital Group LLC v. Confluence Corp. (2024 NY Slip Op 50557(U)). Wynwood Capital Group LLC, an MCA company, sued Confluence Corp. and its individual guarantor for allegedly breaching a merchant agreement by failing to pay what was due thereunder. As is common practice among … Read More

Discovery Failure leads to Serious Sanctions

In civil litigation, discovery is a crucial process that allows parties to exchange relevant information and build their cases. However, when a party fails to comply with discovery demands, the consequences can be severe. A recent decision, Abuzaid v. Almayouf, illustrates the importance of complying with discovery obligations and the potential ramifications of non-compliance. Discovery … Read More

Plaintiffs’ Word Not enough to prove Damages at Inquest

What happens if you bring a lawsuit and the defendant does not defend themself, because either they fail to answer or fail to comply with a court order to participate in the litigation? You can move for a default judgment to get what you’re asking for, even if the defendant does not participate. But even … Read More