LLC v. S-corp

The first question for every small business owner who decided to form an entity?  LLC or S corp?  Which one is better for me? Let’s face it, most people would chose the entity that leaves more money in their pocket.  So let’s compare the tax costs and startup costs of these two entities.  This assumes that the … Read More

NY S Corporations v. LLCs

Out Voting Minority LLC Members

How do you out-vote or overrule a minority LLC Member?  It is fairly easy, thanks to the LLC laws in effect in New York.  This is assuming, of course, that your LLC operating agreement doesn’t provide something else.  But since so many LLC’s go without operating agreements (against my advice), let’s look at the requirements … Read More

Small Business Partnerships -Protecting your Minority Stake

You do not have to rely on the goodness of human kind alone, when going into business with other people.  There are legal (agreements) and practical measures (business common sense)  that you can take to make sure that your business investment in a limited liability company, corporation or other entity does not fall prey to … Read More

New York LLC Formation

Let us help you with  your New York LLC Formation!  Call us to discuss your legal concerns and any other questions you may have about the process of forming a New York Limited Liability Company.  We are not a paralegal service where you don’t get to speak to a real New York attorney.  We are … Read More