LLC Maintenance Tasks

Keeping your LLC in Tip Top Shape

If you conduct your business through a New York Limited Liability Company, you want to make sure that you keep up with all ongoing maintenance obligations so that you do not run into problems later, such as being accused of mismanagement or someone trying to make you personally liable for LLC obligations. Failing to make … Read More

If I own 50% of a NY Company what are my Rights?

I am picturing a client walking into an initial consultation asking this question considering some perceived wrongdoing by the respective other 50% shareholder of the corporation or member of the limited liability company.  Of course, I would investigate the specific facts underlying the client’s concerns, but in general, what are your rights when you own … Read More

moving llc to new york

How to move a Foreign LLC to New York

How do you move a foreign LLC into New York?  Let’s say you formed a limited liability company in another state but are now moving to New York and plan to move the center of your business operations with it?  You basically have two options: 1. Get authorized to do business in New York, or … Read More

Management Provisions in an LLC Operating Agreement

Management provisions in the LLC Operating Agreement deal with the management of the LLC business, which basically means decision-making for the LLC business. There are ordinary business decisions (think: buying copy paper at Staples, landing another customer, paying employees, enter into contracts….) and extraordinary business decisions, such as taking in a new owner, selling the … Read More

3 Short Years to sue LLC Business Partner for Money Damages

Many people like to let things fester, especially if it involves relationships.  It takes a lot to let the barrel overflow and finally take action.  If this rings true with respect to your gripes with your business partner’s acts of disloyalty, waste, or other misconduct, be aware that, in most cases, YOU ONLY HAVE 3 … Read More

3 Things you must understand about Members leaving a New York LLC

I often deal with very small New York limited liability companies, where the members did not enter into an operating agreement.  That is a very bad situation to be in, but that is the reality I often encounter.  As explained elsewhere, when an LLC does not have an operating agreement, you have to look to … Read More

llc ownership percentage

How to determine LLC Ownership Percentage and Why does it Matter?

How much of that LLC do you own, and why does it matter? How do you determine the ownership percentage interest in an LLC? Why does LLC Ownership Percentage matter? Your LLC ownership percentage gives you power over the LLC and its profits.  Either in deciding about important decisions via voting or getting a piece … Read More

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