Small Business Guide on Hiring Employees

Hiring employees is a big step for any small business.  Doing it right and complying with all state and federal laws and regulations is no small task and should be taken seriously. Here are the main items to cross of your checklist: Hiring without Violating any Laws The recruiting, interviewing and hiring process alone is … Read More

Tips on making your Independent Contractors audit proof

I posted the other day about the government's increased efforts to crack down on misclassified independent contractors. "Misclassified independent contractors" are workers who should really be employees of the business,  In other words, these workers are entitled to workers compensation and disability insurance, unemployment benefits, tax withholding by the employer and so forth..  Here are some pointers on making … Read More

Is your Independent Contractor really an Employee?

This question becomes more important, as New York and the federal Government are increasing their enforcement actions to root out employers who misclassify their workers as independent contractors.  Don’t wait with an answer until the Task Force on Employee Misclassification comes knocking at your door.

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Seal of Approval for Forfeiture for Competition Agreements

You may know that non-compete agreements between an employer and an employee are problematic since there is always the real possibility that a court may find that the restrictions put on the employee in the agreement are unreasonable.  There are even websites trying to help employees break their non-competes.  Nonetheless, businesses would like to be … Read More

Confidentiality Agreements between a Business and an Employee

A confidentiality agreement (also known as a Non-Disclosure Agreement) is meant to protect a business from misappropriation of valuable proprietary information by employees.  Often it is a good idea to have one in place with your employees. When drafting or reviewing such a confidentiality agreement, check the following points (and consult with your attorney): 1.  … Read More

Liability of New York Shareholders for Wages due to Employees

If you thought you were immune to liability as a shareholder of a New York corporation, know this:  In New York, the ten largest shareholders, as determined by their shareholding, of every  closely held corporation are personally liable for all  salaries due to any of its employees for services performed by them for the corporation.  … Read More