Buying or Selling a Business – the Significance of the Lease

It is rare that a business in New York owns the property from which it operates.  Most businesses rent commercial space for their store/restaurant/warehouse or other venture.  Thus, the owners of the business will be party to a lease with the owner of the building that houses the business.  This lease becomes an important piece … Read More

Asset Sale versus Stock Sale

When you are buying or selling a business and the business is operated by a corporation or LLC, you have the option of an asset sale versus a stock sale.  What is the difference, you ask.  Let me explain. LIABILITIES FOR DEBTS Scenario 1:  The business is operated by a corporation.  All of the business’ … Read More

Buying a New York Business – What a Business Attorney can do for You

Buying a New York business involves many steps, legal considerations and documents.   I think almost anyone would be well advised to seek the help of a New York business attorney to make the purchase successful and legally sound.  This post is designed to give you an overview of my usual involvement in the process of … Read More

Preparing your Business for Sale/Starting your Internet Business LLC

I’ve pretty much had given up exercise for blogging.  But since I figured out a way to take blogging to the gym, I’ve been back.  I make it bearable by listening to podcasts, the audio version of blogs.  Today I listened to (and recommend): Preparing you Businesss for Sale – An interview with Mathew Ashburn … Read More

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