asset purchase agreement

The Basics of an Asset Purchase Agreement

Most buyers and sellers of a small business will encounter an asset purchase agreement as part of the transfer of the business from the seller to the purchaser.  While we do not recommend drafting and negotiating an asset purchase agreement without the help of an attorney, you, as the seller or purchaser of the business, … Read More

Common Mistakes in Small Business Purchase Agreements

I get it, when you buy or sell a very small business, you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on lawyers to draft all the necessary documents. Thus, many people look to templates or whatever forms their business broker has and go ahead without a lawyer or accept very simple purchase and … Read More

Why a Great Lawyer makes a Difference when selling your Business

Guess what, it really matters to have a great attorney when you are selling your business.  Let me explain. I wrote before about my involvement in typical buying/selling business transactions; it’s an old post, but it has not changed, see “Buying a New York Business”.  As you can see from that post, the legal documentation … Read More

Selling a Business – Getting your Business ready for Sale

You’ve got homework to do before you can successfully sell your small business.  Even if you already have an interested buyer, attention to the details at this stage of the game will help you in the long run and protect you from unexpected snafus.  Your small business lawyer should be able to help you with … Read More

Buying or Selling a Business – the Significance of the Lease

It is rare that a business in New York owns the property from which it operates.  Most businesses rent commercial space for their store/restaurant/warehouse or other venture.  Thus, the owners of the business will be party to a lease with the owner of the building that houses the business.  This lease becomes an important piece … Read More

Asset Sale versus Stock Sale

When you are buying or selling a business and the business is operated by a corporation or LLC, you have the option of an asset sale versus a stock sale.  What is the difference, you ask.  Let me explain. LIABILITIES FOR DEBTS Scenario 1:  The business is operated by a corporation.  All of the business’ … Read More

Buying a New York Business – What a Business Attorney can do for You

Buying a New York business involves many steps, legal considerations and documents.   I think almost anyone would be well advised to seek the help of a New York business attorney to make the purchase successful and legally sound.  This post is designed to give you an overview of my usual involvement in the process of … Read More

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