Business Partnerships Gone Bad

A business break-up can be as stressful and emotionally draining as the breakup of a marriage. And there is always a child involved….the business. So when your business partnership has gone bad, you really want to find out where you are standing and what rights you may have vis a vis the other business partners and the business.

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Shareholders’ Rights to inspect the books and records of Corporation

I wrote before about getting access to the books and records of an LLC.  The same scenario can happen if you are a shareholder in a corporation.  The corporation cannot deny you access to its books and records. Access to Corporation’s Books and Records You ask the Corporation for financial information and other documents and … Read More

When to discuss Settlement in your Litigation

Most litigations reach a point, sooner or later, when the parties discuss settlement.  When should you discuss settlement in your litigation?  There is no precise rule.  It could be right after you file the complaint or after the parties have the chance to look at each other’s evidence (discovery).  There are some other things to … Read More

What happens at a Deposition

What is a Deposition? One of the more significant events to occur during a litigation is the deposition (governed under CPLR Article 31). The lawyers have the right to question a witness for the other party, under oath, before a court reporter, with no judge present, as part of the “discovery” phase of a law … Read More