One good Reason for a Shareholders Agreement……..

….keeping control by restricting the transfer of shares. You, your best friend Jane and Jane’s cousin opened a store and online business selling luxury pet supplies under various brand names.  You run the business through a New York corporation.  Each of you has equal ownership in the corporation.  Everything goes well, your products get mentioned … Read More

CORI K-Base Contract Research Expands

In one of my previous posts I mentioned  Cori K-Base, the resource for free contract forms and research sponsored by the University of Missouri.  I just received an e-mail from them informing me that they have made some major improvements: "First, we have partnered with QL2 Software, Inc., to enhance our ability to acquire and … Read More

Memorialize that Deal in Writing!

Since I am in the business of memorializing deals for people, my repeated message of "get it in writing" might seem somewhat self-serving.  Thankfully, non-lawyers point it out too:  Lema Korshid on Mindpetals had a post yesterday entitled "Memorialize that Deal in Writing."  She writes: Entrepreneurs, save yourselves from future headaches! Ask your attorney draw … Read More

Who should draft the Agreement?

Once you know there will be a written agreement, someone has to draft it.  Should it be your lawyer or the other party’s lawyer? Some say make your lawyer insist on preparing the first draft.  I tend to agree with that.  It gives you the opportunity to set the stage for later negotiations and control … Read More

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