A List of Must Have Startup Agreements

Having all the right kind of contracts in place at the beginning of a business venture manages expectations and prevents conflicts with your business partners, customers, vendors, landlords…you get the idea.

Thus, I present you with a list of the most commonly needed agreements for any business startup:

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“Terms and Conditions” may work for your Business

If you are in a line of business where you repeatedly have to enter into agreements with your customers and the basic terms of those agreements rarely change, you may want to consider the adoption of "General Terms and Conditions." Rather than having every contract spell out all terms and conditions, your individual contracts with … Read More

Terms of Use: Do they have to be Fair?

Who knows what fair is, anyway.  But, under certain circumstances, your terms of use cannot be completely unconscionable. When drafting terms of use for your Website, you are probably inclined to make them as favorable to you as possible, thinking it is a "take it or leave it" proposition.  If visitors don’t like your terms … Read More

Think of your Agreements as Marketing – Six Things to Avoid

Have you ever thought that the contracts you hand out to your customers are another part of your marketing strategy?  If not, think again.  Everything you present to your potential customers (i.e. market) is marketing.  Here are six things that can damage your otherwise perfect marketing script: 1.  Agreements that are too long.  Almost every … Read More