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Can I withdraw from an LLC?

Can I withdraw from a New York LLC? Clients are often confused when they see this provision in their operating agreement: A Member may not withdraw from the LLC prior to the dissolution and winding up of the LLC. Or this provision: A Member may withdraw from the Company in accordance with the New York … Read More

Business Partnerships Gone Bad

A business break-up can be as stressful and emotionally draining as the breakup of a marriage. And there is always a child involved….the business. So when your business partnership has gone bad, you really want to find out where you are standing and what rights you may have vis a vis the other business partners and the business.

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Shareholders’ Rights to inspect the books and records of Corporation

I wrote before about getting access to the books and records of an LLC.  The same scenario can happen if you are a shareholder in a corporation.  The corporation cannot deny you access to its books and records. Access to Corporation’s Books and Records You ask the Corporation for financial information and other documents and … Read More