We are small business lawyers. As a small business, you need attorneys who get your business and your approach to doing business.  A small business faces risks and challenges just as larger companies.  It is crucial that you have the right legal support.  We pride ourselves on providing practical and cost-effective advice to small businesses.  We will always prioritize your matter and provide personal attention and focus on your legal issues.  If you need a lawyer for your small business, we are here for you.  We can address a wide variety of legal issues facing your business. Below are some of our usual services to small businesses.

Buying/Selling Businesses

Are you considering buying or selling a business? We can help you make this a success by being your trusted business counsel.  We can guide you in the multi-stage process of buying or selling a business:  We can advise you about the most beneficial structure for your business sale or purchase and prepare all necessary documentation.

Startup/Founder Advice

We advise Founders in all aspects of business formation, choice of entity and jurisdiction, business permits and licenses, formation of business entities, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, consulting agreements, confidentiality agreements, start-up funding, seed investments, protection of names, ideas, and inventions.  We are business attorneys that will guide you along the way to successful entrepreneurship.

Business Contracts

We can draft, negotiate, and review any business contract on your behalf, such as NDA/Confidentiality Agreements, Non-competition Agreements, Sales Agreements, License Agreements, Distribution Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements, Employment Agreements, Consulting Agreements, Guarantee Agreements, and many more. We can help you identify all of the terms of your business deal that need to be documented in the contract. All too often, important terms are overlooked, or it is assumed that they are implied or already contained in the agreement.

Business Litigation

While we make it our business to keep small business owners out of court, sometimes it cannot be avoided.   We can help you enforce your rights in New York or defend any case brought against you.  Before we begin any litigation on your behalf, we will always make sure that any litigation makes sound business sense and won’t be a waste of your time and money. As business attorneys, we are also business owners and know how disruptive and costly any lawsuit can be.

Business Partnership Disputes

We are business lawyers for business partnership disputes. Business Partnership Disputes can arise between shareholders in a corporation, partners in a partnership, or members in a limited liability company (LLC).  

Business Divorce

We can help you with the legal separation of your LLC, corporation, or partnership.  Sometimes the conflicts are so deep that it doesn’t make sense to continue the business with the existing owners.

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Business Partnership Disputes