Business contract lawyers


We are Business Contract Lawyers

We can draft, negotiate, and review any business contract on your behalf, such as NDA/Confidentiality Agreements, Non-competition Agreements, Sales Agreements, License Agreements, Distribution Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements, Employment Agreements, Consulting Agreements, Guarantee Agreements, and many more.

Drafting and Negotiating Business Contracts

We can help you identify all of your business contract terms that need to be documented in the contract. All too often, important terms are overlooked, or it is assumed that they are implied or already contained in the agreement.

As business contract lawyers, we will ensure that you get the best deal possible but will never overlook that you are the business person with the final decision-making power.  We are always careful not to be the famous “deal-breaker”.

Business Contracts in Litigation

As business litigators, we will always be cognizant of the worst-case scenario that the contract will have to stand up or be enforced in court.  We will make sure that the contract is enforceable.

We have negotiated and drafted thousands of contracts and are laser-focused on finding inconsistencies, loopholes, and overlooked issues.  Let us be your business contract lawyers.

Good Business Contracts as Business Protection Tools

Drafting efficient and enforceable contracts is your best protection against business losses or even business closure.  Nowadays, it can take ages to get justice in court, if you can get it at all.  Courts are overloaded and slow.  If you have a crystal-clear agreement, your adversary will think twice about bringing a lawsuit or refusing to perform under the contract.  If there are ambiguities in your contract, there is a danger that someone will exploit any loopholes he or she may find to get out of their obligations.

At the beginning of a business relationship, you may think your business partner will always be amicable and do what is “right and fair.”  But as soon as there is a breakdown of expectations or communications, your business contract will come to the rescue if it is drafted properly and prudently foresaw all possible future disputes.  We make sure that every contract we draft as your business contract lawyers will satisfy these expectations and protect you when things go sour between you and your business partner.

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