Guess what, it really matters to have a great attorney when you are selling your business.  Let me explain. I wrote before about my involvement in typical buying/selling business transactions; it’s an old post, but it has not changed, see “Buying a New York Business”.  As you can see from that post, the legal documentation […]

  What is a New York Limited Liability Company (“LLC”)? Who can form an LLC?  How do I form an LLC? How much does it cost to form an LLC? What ongoing requirements are there for maintaining an LLC? How does an LLC pay taxes?  Is an LLC a good choice for my new business? […]

Many small business contracts provide that any dispute arising from the contract must be arbitrated rather than litigated in a state or federal court.  Unfortunately, these provisions are often included without a second thought to their practical meaning and whether small business arbitration is beneficial.  Before agreeing to arbitrate your small business dispute know this […]

Most people, if they think about freedom of speech at all, imagine it is some kind of complicated legal construct standing on the far side of daily life. In fact, we experience free speech moments every day, from the protesting cry of a child who does not wish to go to school, to the disagreement […]

Evaluating Small Business Litigation

How do you evaluate small business litigation; whether to bring a law suit or not? Metaphysical Overview The small business owner considering litigation, or being sued, should at the outset take what I refer to as a “metaphysical” overview of the problem. The two constants of litigation are that it is time-consuming, expensive and the […]

You put it in writing, you aced the negotiations, and you are ready to execute the contract.  Don’t let down your guard at the last minute!  The following points are worth noting when executing a contract in New York.  While neglecting to follow the below points may not result in an invalid or unenforceable contract […]