should I sue my business partner

“Should I sue my business partner?” you are asking yourself. You are fuming right now about what your business partner is doing to you and/or the business, and you are wondering if you should sue your business partner. Before pulling the trigger, understand what lies ahead: Is there a way to negotiate yourself out of […]

LLC Books and Records

Picture this: You’ve been happily doing business with your fellow LLC members for some time now.  But now, trouble is brewing on the horizon.  The other two members are ganging up on you and exclude you from any further business dealings.  When you ask to see the LLC’s books, records, bank accounts, tax returns, or […]

Easy Money or Debt Trap? Merchant Cash Advances are often the small business owner’s last resort for cashflow. When an SBA loan or any other business loan is out of reach, Merchant Cash Advance businesses are eager to give the business owner money. It only takes a couple of days, minimal paperwork, and the money […]

Most litigations reach a point, sooner or later, when the parties discuss settlement.  When should you discuss settlement in your litigation?  There is no precise rule.  It could be right after you file the complaint or after the parties has the chance to look at each other’s evidence (discovery).  There are some other things to […]

If there is one agreement that every independent contractor will encounter in this gig economy, it is the service agreement.  If you are not selling or buying widgets, you are most likely providing services.  Either you will have an agreement to present to your clients, or your clients will present you with their agreement, which […]

Ok, I’ll make this quick and dirty.  LLC, C-corp or S-corp for your small business you ask?  I think most small businesses still go with the LLC for the flexibility and to take advantage of the flow through taxation.   Below is a rundown of the main differences.  But be mindful that the recent tax changes […]