Business Divorce colliding with Marital Divorce

Getting divorced when you own and run a business together with your soon-to-be-ex presents unique challenges.  If you don’t want to continue running the business with your spouse after divorce, you have a case of business divorce colliding with marital divorce. Business divorce is the separation of two or more business partners formerly bound together … Read More

Can you amend an Operating Agreement?

Yes, you can amend an operating agreement.  For New York limited liability companies, Section 417(b) New York Limited Liability Company Law provides that “The operating agreement of a limited liability company may be amended from time to time as provided therein”. An LLC operating agreement is a written agreement among the members of an LLC … Read More

Can I get out of that contract

Can I get out of that Contract?

You may have signed a contract for your small business that you really shouldn’t have.  Or you are being asked to perform under an agreement and think that such demand is not what you agreed to or just grossly unfair.   So you ask yourself, “can I get out of that contract?” What does your Contract … Read More

Can my One New York Client sue me in New York?

Picture this: Your Ohio/California/Michigan business provides services to customers nationwide.  One day you have an interest from a New York caller.  There is email back and force, phone calls, and finally you send your service contract to the New Yorker who signs it and emails it back to you.  All the services you provide take … Read More