Imke Ratschko, Business Attorney | Ratschko Wallace PLLC

How long have you been practicing Law?

I’ve been a lawyer in New York since 1999.  First I worked at two law firms for about 10 years, then I opened my own law practice focusing on small businesses. 

What are you really good at?

Drafting contracts and paying attention to detail.  Thinking of worst-case scenarios and how to avoid them.  Everything Limited Liability Company and partnership disputes.  Making people feel heard and taking their problems seriously.  Being approachable but no-nonsense – I will tell you how it is.  

Why Do you like being a Lawyer?

I like helping people, taking charge of a problem and making people feel at ease with difficult legal concepts. I like the feeling of making someone worry less because I am handling their legal issue.

I’ve been publishing blog posts since 2006, trying to explain small business law in plain English.  I also like being a small business owner who happens to provide legal services.  I like being my own boss.

Where did you go to Law School?

I grew up in Germany and went to law school at the Free University of Berlin.  Then I came to New York in 1996 and went to New York University School of Law.   Honestly, I feel I learned the most important things in law by teaching myself.