Imke Ratschko Small Business AttorneyWe are approachable, compassionate New York small business lawyers helping business owners with small business law, litigation, limited liability companies, partnership disputes, contracts, and startups.  Talk To Us if you’ve been sued, want to sue someone, have deals and contracts happening in your business, or if you are just starting up and need guidance with the formation and setting up of your business.


We are small business lawyers. When you need a lawyer for your small business, you need attorneys who get your business and offer you personalized, hands-on legal services.  We think we do and we pride ourselves on being approachable, efficient, and cost-effective.  We will always prioritize your matter and provide personal attention and focus on your legal issues.


While we make it our business to keep small business owners out of court, sometimes it cannot be avoided.  We can help you enforce your rights in New York courts or defend any case brought against you. As business owners and lawyers for small businesses, we know how disruptive litigation can be and we are always carefully evaluating whether litigation makes sound business sense.


We have a special focus on everything New York Limited Liability Companies. We can help with the formation of LLCs, LLC operating agreements, and LLC owner disputes. LLCs are the most formed entity in New York but require careful planning and knowledge of the ever-evolving case law. LLC owners in dispute need legal counsel experienced in this developing legal area and we are such lawyers.


Are you considering buying or selling a business? We can help you make this a success.  We can guide you in the multi-stage process of buying or selling a business. From term sheets, , stock and asset purchase agreements, security agreements, and promissory notes to the final closing of the transaction.

We can draft, negotiate, and review any business contract on your behalf, such as NDA/Confidentiality Agreements, Non-competition Agreements, Sales Agreements, License Agreements, Distribution Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements, Employment Agreements, Consulting Agreements, Guarantee Agreements, and many more.


We advise Founders in all aspects of business formation, choice of entity and jurisdiction, formation of business entities, founder agreements, consulting agreements, confidentiality agreements, start-up funding, seed investments, and protection of names, ideas, and inventions.

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Our Team

Imke Ratschko, Business Attorney | Ratschko Wallace PLLC

Imke Ratschko

Imke Ratschko is a business attorney focusing her practice on advising small businesses and start-ups in transactions, business disputes, and forming and running LLCs. Imke is a German native speaker and has helped German companies navigate the New York legal and judicial system.

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Jonathan Wallace, Counsel | Ratschko Wallace PLLC

Jonathan Wallace

Jonathan Wallace is a civil litigator and a 1980 graduate of Harvard Law School. He is admitted to various federal and appeals courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States. Jonathan focuses on Article 78 proceedings, commercial litigation, and free speech matters.

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