Accept Payments on Your Iphone/Ipad/Android

Not really law related, but, in my mind, pretty big for small businesses everywhere.  You can now accept payments from customers by having them swipe their credit card through a little add on plastic thingy that plugs into your iphone, ipad or android.  It's called Square mobile payment system and apparently it went life today in an app store near you.

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  1. Accepting payments on the go has never been more easier and convenient than just whipping out your phone and making the transaction while watching some customers watch in amazement of this system.

  2. I have read this invention from “the blog next door”. He told me and teach me, how to be an inventor as you write about an idea of payment method via iphone.

  3. Silverlight isn”t an option, HTML 5 doesn”t appear to be; Adobe AIR might be an option or working in Visual Studio 2008 and putting together a WinForms app except that it really doesn”t have the look and feel that I want