Online Bookkeeping with offers free online bookkeeping for self-employed folks and small businesses. It's very basic, but seems to have everything you need. I always wonder how sites like that are going to make money if the service is free and expect them to start charging once you got hooked on the service.

Anyway, they also have some good information on their site. See here for a post on quarterly estimated tax payments.

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  1. Come back and visit tonight Imke, we’ll have that question of how we make money answered with a new 1099 e-filing service.
    Great to hear we’re doing some things right! I hope the forthcoming additions, some of which will have a fee, aren’t too expensive 😉
    By the way, we’re thinking $5 for each 1099 filed; but we’ll waive that cost if the Contractor starts using Outright.

  2. Imke Ratschko

    Thanks for the answer. I also like your tweets!

  3. You’re surely doing some things right! I just have to agree that inline with your service is the opportunity that would surely help a lot of us!