Don’t mess with the Workers’ Compensation Board

I recently got a pleasant letter from Dun & Bradstreet, acting as a debt collector for the New York Workers' Compensation Board. Supposedly, I owed the New York Workers Compensation Board $60,000 in penalties and outstanding insurance premiums for a household employee of mine. 100 phone calls and letters later (I am only slightly exagerating), I finally got them to concede that I owed them nothing. The problem arose due to a clerical error; the Board couldn't find proof of my insurance in their records. But let me tell you, those debt collectors aren't in the business of being nice or listening to the voice of reason.

Anyway, the Board is known to come after you with full force if they suspect that you haven't fulfilled your insurance requirements for your employees. When are you required to get coverage? See here. When are you NOT required to get coverage? See here

FYI, not that many people know that you DO NOT require workers compensation insurance for domestic workers (nannies, home health aides and so forth) who work less than 40 hours.  

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