New Phone Tools all over the Place

If you are a regular reader of Techcrunch and other tech and media blogs, this is probably old news to you.  There are a number of cool new phone tools and services that can make life much easier for small businesses and professionals.

GrandCentral gives you one phone number that rings all your phones, so you never miss a phone call again.  You can also store messages, forward messages, listen in to the caller before you pick up, and tape incoming phone conversations.  Most of it is free.

Jott transcribes your voice messages and sends the transcript to your email or another person’s e-mail (called jottcasting) along with the original voice message.  Finally, hands-free notes and e-mail.  The service is free.

For a fee, 2ReCall lets you tape outgoing phone calls by routing your call through a 1-800 number.

Be careful when taping phone conversations, in some states it might be illegal without letting the other person know.

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  1. I had quite an experience the first time I used Jott to communicate with a client. I started out “Hi David, ummm, just wanted to let you know . . . .” Jott transcribed it as “Hi David, I love you, just wanted to let you know . . . .” It’s a good thing Jott sends the audio file as well! (It’s also a good thing that David is very understanding.)