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Drafting Non-Compete Agreements in Iowa
Note that non-compete agreements are governed by state law.  While the outlined principles pretty much apply in New York, you must consult New York laws when drafting a non-compete agreement for New York parties.

Partnership Basics. explains the basic principles of partnership law.  You can find New York’s partnership laws here.

Small Businesses more likely to be audited. reports that S corporations are more likely to be audited by the IRS due to a recent step up in enforcement activity.

Dealing with Close-Mindedness.
The post examines how to intelligently deal with close-minded people.

Ten Big Ideas for 2007.
Lunch-hour liposuction anybody?

20 Hot Resources for Women Entrepreneurs.
Meet me at the New York City chapter of

Watch out!  RSS feeds may change the practice of law.
If you still don’t know what RSS is and why it is good for you (if you are practicing law or not), read this.

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