Client FAQ

What are your Fees?

We try to make our fees affordable to the clients we serve.  This is not a one-size-fits-all standard, so we have to talk to prosprective clients to learn their situation and resources.  Overall, we try to keep our overhead extremely low and are thus able to transfer these savings to our clients.

Hourly-based billing

Legal services that are ongoing in nature or unpredictable are billed by the hour.  We are very concsious of the fact that the “meter is running” and try to be very cost efficient.  We will not nickle and dime you for short phone calls, simple email responses and thinking about your case under the shower.

Any matter that takes us into court for you, is billed by the hour.  Once we are representing a client in court, it is much harder to end representation in case of non-payment by the client.  Thus, pretty much all litigation matters require an advance payment before we start any legal action.
Flat fee billing

We are willing to explore alternative billing arrangements with any client and have often agreed to flat fees for startup formation services or distinct foreseeable transactions.

What Forms of Payment are accepted?
We accept major credit cards, personal checks and direct transfer from your account into ours.

Do you offer Initial Consultations?

Initial Consultation by Phone or Email

We always have time to talk to prosprective clients over the phone or by email, in order to explore their legal problem and give them guidance as to the help they would need.

In Person Initial Consultation

We are always available for an in depth in person initial consultation.  Call us for details.