Business Litigation

Business Litigation

As business attorneys we make it our business to keep small business owners out of court and business litigation.  However, sometimes it cannot be avoided.   We can help you enforce your rights in New York or defend any case brought against you.  Before we begin any business litigation on your behalf, we will always make sure that any litigation makes sound business sense and won’t be a waste of your time and money.

Business litigation can be justified for any number of reasons.  Take the following examples of common business claims brought by business attorneys on behalf of their clients:

Breach of Contract Disputes

Someone does not comply with the rules set forth in a contract between the two of you;

Tortious Interference with Contracts and Prospective Business

Someone maliciously interferes with your performance under a contract, prevents you from entering into a contract or helps somebody to breach a contract;

Fraud and Misrepresentation

Someone (1) represented a material fact, (2) the facts were untrue, (3) that somebody knew it was untrue, (4) the representation was made with the intent to deceive and to induce you to act upon it, (5) you relied on it and (6) you suffered damages by acting on the misrepresentation;

Unfair Competition

Someone steals your brand, business reputation, customer list  or similar property for his own business advantage and causes your business damages by doing so;


Someone takes your property and uses it without your authorization and thus makes it impossible for you to enjoy the rights that come with ownership of that property;

Partnership Disputes

Claims based on another partner’s misconduct towards you as a co-owner of the business;